Fairies in my garden

There are fairies living at the bottom of my garden.

A fairy

A fairy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m almost certain of it. I first noticed it when I was picking apples in the orchard. There were tiny footprints walking up the side of one of the apples. I thought nothing of it, assuming it must be a pigment on the skin or my imagination was playing tricks on me. But there were other tell tale signs of small winged beings at the bottom of the garden. A spent wing, a miniscule skirt made from a leaf and what looks like the remains of hut or house. I spent a few days pondering what I had seen. My rational mind was telling me that fairies don’t exist and that there must be another explanation for what I had seen. So I decided to find out once and for all.

I set up a small infrared camera at the bottom of the garden and decided to record the area where I found the fairy paraphernalia. If there were fairies here this camera would surely catch them. On reviewing the 12 hours of footage that I captured, there was nothing, not a single thing. With the exception of a fox who has been getting into my vegetable patch…I fucking knew it.

I returned to the bottom of the garden to have a closer look and what I discovered took my breath away. More footprints over the apples, more fairy huts, in fact there was an entire network of huts, houses, nests and what I assume is some kind cocoon swinging from a branch. But not a single fairy in sight. Not a flap of a wing or a sprinkle of fairy dust. Where did this network come from? it didn’t spring up overnight, my camera would have surely caught them. No, this has been here a while as it displays signs of wear and tear. It must have been here all along, right under my nose and I never saw it.

To make sure I wasn’t losing my mind I invited the whole town to come and take a look at the fairy village that harbours at the bottom of my garden. After an entire day of people traipsing through my house and down my garden the vast majority agreed that there appears to be a fairy enclave at the bottom of my garden.

While I still don’t believe in fairies I must admit that everything I have witnessed points towards their existence. The footprints, the spent wing, the cocoon, the huts and houses . Not to mention that an overwhelming majority of fellow visitors to my garden also agree that this looks like the work of fairies. So until I discover an unknown fact that proves fairies don’t exist I must concede that they seem to be real and living at the bottom of my garden.



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