Just do it

So all the presents are unwrapped, the food is all but gone and only the orange Quality Streets remain. There is still one more hurdle left  for 2013…New years eve.

I’ve never been one to celebrate the earth’s revolution around the sun and any party or event I have been to has always been a disappointment. We don’t celebrate a new month, a new week, or a new day they we celebrate a new year. Why? I have no idea and I would love someone to tell me.

I have heard people say that it’s a time to wipe the slate clean, a fresh start or a new beginning. But I say I don’t want to wipe my slate clean, I like it messy. It’s a reminder of all the things I’ve accomplished over the last year and that I’ve made mistakes, and mistakes are there to be learnt from. If you really want a fresh start then I would recommend joining the French foreign legion.

Then there are the hoards of people asking what your resolutions will be for 2014… Well for one I’ll be avoiding people like you. I don’t make resolutions for the new year. I do have a simple rule though. If I don’t like an aspect of my life then I’ll change it. If there’s something new I want to learn, I’ll learn it. I don’t put my life on hold until January 1st so I can then start new endeavours. If you want to stop smoking, then stop. If you want to learn guitar then go and get one and start playing ( I will take this time to offer my services as a guitar teacher) What the fuck are you waiting for? It’s not like you’re going to get to the end of your life and someone will say ‘Ok, that was your practice run, now are you ready for the real thing?’

2013 was a great year for me. Watching my two babies grow into small girls, taking a physics class, re taking my English GCSE and most special of all I married the woman I love and the mother of my children. It’s been a challenge keeping them apart, but I’ve got it sussed now 🙂 I also started this blog, which has been a great way to share my thoughts and to get my creative juices flowing reading more, taking more of an interest in politics and learning a few card tricks. There have been a few disappointments… most notably, Man of steel.

I do have my NYE sorted though. It will involve staying at home with my two children waiting for Marlo to come home from work. I would have hopefully shaken this cold I’ve had since christmas eve, we’ll make cocktails and then probably watch Lord of the Rings.

I can’t think of a better way to start 2014


6 thoughts on “Just do it

  1. I made a pretty similar point today in my final blog post of the year. I have never seen the point in resolutions either, preferring to take stock of what’s changed in the recent past instead. One great thing about 2013 though? You starting this blog. A very welcome addition to the blogosphere – keep it up, Tim!

  2. This may have been the most entertaining blog so far. Especially, ” If you really want a fresh start then I would recommend joining the French foreign legion.” Brilliant, hahaha! Also, i couldn’t agree more in regards to the New Year’s resolutions. Those are for slackers. You put it much nicer than I just did, but then I may be slightly cranky at the moment because I am tired and dieting, a foul combination. In any case, do blog on, Sir Tim! Great work! xoxo

  3. This my good man was an excellent blog,story,statement anyway you wana look at it,I enjoyed it and will take a leaf out of your book,,,,cheers Tim and a good life ahead for you, Marlo and the little ladies .

  4. Bravo sir. No resolutions for me either, I made a similar point in a bit of a rant a year ago. Glad your blog continues apace, hope you got over your cold, I’ve still got mine from boxing day.

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