Arizona is sinking

Arizona’s legislature has passed a bill stating that businesses can refuse service, as long as they assert their religious beliefs, to homosexuals. I reallydon’t know where to begin. I could say that the LGBT movement has come so far in the last twenty years, helping to secure rights for gay couples. I could say that over the last decade we have encouraged young gay people to come out, trying to make them feel comfortable in their own skin and not fear the intolerant or ignorant. Or I could go down the old classic of, one step forward and two steps back. While all of the above are intrinsically true, what really upsets me about this bill being passed is, yet again, that religious belief is held higher than basic human rights. Especially in a country that has it written into its constitution that there is a separation between church and state, the only country in the world I might add.


Yet a bill has been passed that would enable any business to refuse service to homosexuals based solely on religious belief. This does nothing but strengthen a divide between homosexuals and hetrosexuals. A divide that is slowly being broken down by the wonderful work of the LGBT movement and all that support it.

Imagine, if you will, if a bill were to be passed that allowed restaurants not to serve black customers, or a shop that refused to serve women or a theatre that refused entry to disabled people based on the company’s religious beliefs. Well, it just wouldn’t happen. Would it? I would hope not, least of all in a democratic republic. This is bill is no different. It’s ignorant, unfair and downright fucking ridiculous. Gay, lesbian, transgender, transexuals, straight, white, black, people with tattoos, christians, jews, muslims and disabled people should all have exactly the same rights. We are all one race and we need learn to co-exist if we are to rise and grow.

I for one am sick and tired of the religious and the faithful having it their way. I’m tired of being asked to respect peoples beliefs and that I should be careful that I don’t offend them. Well what about homosexuals or other minorities, who’s being careful not to offend them? certainly not the people who wrote this bill. This will give people and businesses carte blanche to exert their ignorance and racism under the guise of religion….again. I’m also tired of schools being asked to give equal time to, so called, intelligent design. But that’s an article for another day.

If coming in to contact with people that happen to be gay disgusts you so much then there is an option. STAY THE FUCK AT HOME! Stay inside and don’t come out. Gay people have every right to shop, drink, eat and shit in the same places as you and if it upsets you that much YOU should keep yourself in private. Because being gay is as natural as being straight. It is observable in almost every species and it’s not going away. But the most ironic piece about this whole bill is this… The religious right in the USA are asserting that they don’t won’t to come in contact with homosexuals, or at least limit their encounters, because of their beliefs. Yet there is almost nothing written in the new testament about homosexuality. There are those two passages from Leviticus, but do you really want to start  quoting the old testament? And the overall message that Jesus tried to convey was one of love and acceptance. As my wife always says.. If these people actually met Jesus they’d shit themselves.

Although the bill has been passed by the legislatures it still needs to be signed by governor Jan Brewer (R) so that it becomes state law. If she does there is no doubt in the my mind that the courts will smack the shit out of this law and send it back to rock that it festered from and the people that wrote this law know it… But I guess the politicians and law makers in Arizona wanted to make their feeling about the LGBT movement as clear as they could.

There is only one way we will grow as a species. It’s been said before but it can’t be said enough….It’s love. It’s acceptance of everyone. From the overly camp, fabulous homosexuals to the whiskey drinking card players. From the two mothers raising sons to the shy intellectuals. We are all one species. We are no better or worse than anyone else…we are equal, we are brothers and sisters.

As one of my favourite bands said

“Love boat captain, take the reins and steer us towards the clear”


2 thoughts on “Arizona is sinking

  1. Bravo sir, I couldn’t agree more. The bigotry and prejudice of the religious right is becoming more offensive by the day.

    As for musicians saying it best, you can’t beat this for a bit of searing backlash agit-folk (I might have made that genre up) –

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