Use your Illusion

Creating an illusion isn’t that difficult. In most cases there is usually only one sleight or misdirection needed or maybe some clever maths. The performance hinges on the observer being guided along by the illusionist who brings the participant to a nice soft landing culminating in a ‘Ta-da’

Two-faced man optical illusion

Learning card tricks has been something of a small obsession of mine for the last few months and the one thing all the tricks have in common (At least the one’s I’ve been learning) is the simplicity of them. I find myself asking ‘Is that all it is? surely no-one will fall for that’ But they do, time and time again, so long as I remember the steps which at my level isn’t too difficult.

Peeking behind the curtain, lifting the veil or just having the capacity to question exposes tricks for what they are. Much like bullshit.

To unveil bullshit you only need to dig, just a little. Take, for example, the apparent ace up the sleeve of the UKIP…Immigration.

For the past 5 years or so UKIP have been beating their chests over this subject and they have vowed to put a stop to immigration. Well not really. They’ll cap it to 50,000.

In 2012 Britain let in around 510,000 people. Wow a cap from 510,000 to 50,000. That’s a big cap. But that’s no quite the whole story. UKIP have said they’ll cap net immigration to 50,000 but that’s not including student visas or work permits. Students comprise of about 280,000 and work permits 150,000. Which leaves 80,000. A cap of 30,000 people. To put that into perspective that’s the equivalent of closing our borders for 3 weeks. Wow.

Since 2005 immigration in the UK has fallen and continues to fall. But peoples notion is that there are hoards of immigrants living rent free in this country like kings. It couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve also heard mumblings around the water cooler that the reason people come to the UK is because we’re a soft touch and we don’t have strict enough immigration laws. So let’s clear a few things up.

Immigrants make up only 7% of the 5.5 million people claiming benefits.
From 2003-09 just 11% had been allocated social housing.
Nearly 20% of immigrants own their property whilst the rest rent privately.

The UK population of immigrants is roughly 9%. When you compare that to USA (13%) Australia (24%) Germany (13%) We’re hardly overrun.

Work permits are granted via a tier system with highly skilled workers getting preferential treatment. Much like Australia and USA.

But a burning question I have is:
‘What do people who vote UKIP think will happen if they ever got in to power?’

Do they assume that anyone not born here will be rounded up and sent back to their country of origin?

What about people who have British parents but were born abroad? Like my cousins.
What about people who emigrated here, had kids and got married? (To a British citizen) Like my wife.
What if a pregnant British couple go on holiday to Australia and the baby arrives prematurely. Is the baby allowed back into the UK?

If you are concerned about migrants taking British jobs then the news that immigration is on the decline and has been for nearly ten years should come as a great relief to you. If you think I’m making it all up then I invite you to check the stats for yourself. In fact I urge you to. Because nobody should be making uninformed decisions.

However I’m sure that the slightly more xenophobic of you would argue that a 9% migrant population is still too high and would like to see it brought down to 0%. I now invite you to peruse your football team of choice and tell me how many British players were fielded on their last game. I loosely follow Arsenal and their squad is made up of 22% British. But I’m sure that’s totally different, right?

UKIP have tapped into something. They do recognise that people are angry at the rising cost of living, cuts to services, politicians not keeping their promises but they bring no new ideas or solutions. They bring plenty of overinflated statements which have no real substance and don’t really mean anything though…

‘Taking Britain back’ or ‘Returning power to England’

Easy to understand and digest, requires little thought and aren’t too many big words. The way propaganda should be.

Or perhaps you feel that politics ‘Isn’t for me’ or ‘I’m not really politically minded’ Neither am I and the truth is I was just as lazy as the 2 thirds of the country that didn’t vote this May. Only in the last few years have I taken a modicum of interest in politics because only by engaging can we ever hope to have our voice heard. And if you still think it’s a waste of time you should at least turn up and protest by spoiling your ballot. Voting UKIP as a protest vote is nothing more than an act of buffoonery on an epic scale. If you voted UKIP because you genuinely believe in their policies then you can roll this blog up nice and tight and push into your bottom. I’m happy to live in a country where you can vote, even if it is for a xenophobic group of arseholes.

Like many people of my generation, both my Grandfathers fought in WW2 (RAF and Merchant Navy) against the rise of fascism, xenophobia and outright nastiness; but now it seems a great many of us are ready to elect the same ilk back into office. How quickly we forget the lessons of the past.

I ultimately believe that the so called rise of UKIP will be its downfall. The more prominent the party the more the spotlight of scrutiny will shine upon it. The curtain can’t be kept closed forever, especially when it’s hiding this much bullshit.




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