Integrating consumerism

This week’s blog comes in two parts.

There were two stories that cropped up this week that grabbed my attention. Not wanting to sacrifice either one I’ve decided to give you both barrels..So to speak.

Part 1.
A friend posted an old video of Tommy Robinson, former EDL founder and current prick, on a ride along in Luton and getting into a scuffle with a local resident. Who I can only assume was a practiser of the muslim faith. The comments section played host to the intelligent and articulate along with their ugly step sisters…There was one comment that hooked my eye and it’s a comment I’ve heard and read before. I’ll summarise.

“The trouble with muslims is they come to a christian country and don’t integrate into our society and it causes tensions”

My retorts are twofold..

Anyone who moves to another country will automatically integrate in that country’s society. They’ll use the currency, pay tax, most likely send their children to public schools, learn the language/dialect, live in that time zone etc… If they happen to move to a free country like the UK they may also choose to practice a religion. That’s what integration means. What it doesn’t mean is changing your world view or opinion based on geographical location. My daughter who has Down’s syndrome will, at some stage, require some level of integration. We’re not sure how much but we know there will be some. Whether it’s schools/colleges, living independently or gaining employment.
The reason it causes tensions has nothing to do with integration and everything to do with your inability to co exist on a planet with someone who has different coloured skin.
On a side note, the people who usually bleat on about integration can usually be found on the costa del sol for two weeks of the year eating egg and chips, drinking stella whilst wearing an England football shirt….You know, integrating. Ok that’s probably not fair of me. But who gives a shit?


Part 2.

On September 19th Apple will release their latest product… The iPhone 6. Not to be one to get overly excited with the release of new toys, gadgets or gizmos. Although I did get very excited for the release of Modern Warfare 2. I can never understand the fuss. I still haven’t got an Xbox one, choosing to stick with my trusty 360. But it seems other people don’t share my blasé attitude towards high tech gadgets. This Wednesday a friend photographed someone on Regent St. Camping. Outside the Apple store. 9 days before the release date. I believe he was actually camping out so he could pre order the phone which he could do on Thursday or Friday. I don’t know if he’s still there and frankly I don’t care. I don’t know what pisses me off more. The notion that owning the latest toys before anyone else will somehow improve your life, an idea that Regent St. consumer clearly has. Or that people are free to camp outside a shop, on the streets for days on end and remain un molested by the authorities. However if you were to stand outside the same shop protesting at their tax avoidance you can be sure that you would be moved on in a matter of hours, let alone days.


To me this is what is really wrong with our society. People can live on the streets to be first in line to spend, spend, spend. You’ll receive a pat on the head for being a good little consumer.  But to raise a voice against it? Well, be prepared to get shut down by men wearing big black boots.

“Ending is better than mending. The more stitches, the less riches…”

– Aldous Huxley Brave new world


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