Up, Up, Up

This week was a special week. Thankfully it had nothing to do with trampling over my fellow man to grab a 60inch TV for a bargain.

This week was my daughter’s 2nd Birthday.
Chiara was born 27th November 2012 and she was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome (DS) This will come as no surprise to regular readers.

The progress she has made in the last few weeks has been remarkable. Everybody learns and develops at their own pace and in their own way but with DS, learning is delayed. Watching both my daughters learn and grow is remarkable in itself. Hearing my three year old reply with “Yes, in just one minute” when asked to sit up at the table is both joyous and a little infuriating…We refer to her as a Threenager.
My wife and I spend hours, days and weeks talking and signing to Chiara in a hope that she’ll pick something up. Sometimes it feels like we’re climbing an impossible cliff face with a summit that is unreachable…. But to hear her say her first word stopped us both in our tracks.

She said ‘Bye’… Not only that, she does it with an enthusiastic wave. More importantly she uses ‘bye’ in the correct context.
She is also making every attempt to stand on her own, which she does with a determination that I’m sure she gets from her mother. It always ends with a bum smack on the floor finished by a large round of applause.
If that wasn’t enough she is now in the habit of throwing objects, any object, across the room and proclaiming “uh oh”… she may also give herself a round of applause. Sometimes we join in but it really depends on what the object is. She gives hugs if we ask her nicely and she crawls and cruises around the flat, exploring every nook and cranny.

We’ve always known that the journey to the summit would be up the path less traveled. But every new word, every new expression, every new action and every decision that she makes is an ice pick into the mountain, drawing us closer to a summit….. which now looks attainable.


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